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"People get distracted by the world. Making money, or just
surviving, or succeeding in some career or project, or finding the right relationship, becomes all important and awakening takes second place. You can never find it that way. It has to be the central focus."




The following case studies are offered to give you some idea of how all the methods we use work in actual practise. All client identities are protected.

Case study one

A young man we’ll call Simon was due to testify in court against his own father who had abused him as a child. He had worked with a clinical psychologist for some time but felt that, in order to prepare for the trial, he needed another dimension of help that the psychologist could not offer.

Over several sessions we used Emotional Freedom Technique to help him overcome the intense terror he felt at the thought of having to face his father in court. We also used a combination of EFT and ZPoint process to help him with the traumatic memories that still plagued him.

In addition, we gave him hands on energy healing at the end of every session and we worked within our healing group to give him spiritual support and protection throughout the week of the trial.

He also learned to do EFT and ZPoint by himself so that he could use them as needed throughout the difficult trial period.
Simon won the court case and in his summing up the judge commended him for his integrity and courage as a witness.


Case study two

A woman in her late thirties we’ll call Rita had initially consulted us because her mother had passed away and she needed help with the grieving process. Some time later she consulted us again because now she had reached a crossroads in her life. The opportunity had opened for her to pursue her teenage dream of becoming a professional photographer but she felt completely blocked in her ability to move forwards with this.

She had learned Emotional Freedom Technique with us first time round but found that it simply wasn’t helping with the issue she now had. In her words, she was ‘going round in circles’.

Using muscle checking we identified that an earlier experience was involved with her present ‘stuckness’. At the age of 16 she had been prevented from doing the A levels she wanted to do by her father who did not approve of her desire to do a degree in fine art and photography. He insisted that she should do A levels appropriate to law, which he considered to be a suitable profession for his daughter. She had deferred to her fathers wished for fear of losing his love and approval, not to mention his financial support through further education. Having made this connection she also realised that she was afraid she would lose her husbands love and approval and support if she stepped on to her own path.

With more muscle checking we identified that the earlier experience had compromised her energy field’s ability to absorb the colour frequency of yellow. We asked her wear the yellow colour filter lenses and she immediately reported intense feeling of anger. We asked her to do EFT on the anger whilst still wearing the lenses and with just one round of tapping the anger had completely disappeared. She no longer felt blocked in her ability to move forwards and her fear that she would lose her husbands love and support was also gone.

Needless to say she took the opportunity to change careers and hasn’t looked back since.

Case study 3

A couple came to see me, (Deborah), because they were having serious difficulties communicating over a particular family issue. I immediately had a knowing that looking at their astrological charts would prove helpful.

Looking at how their charts worked together I discovered that there was indeed a significant challenge for them in the area of communication. By explaining the aspects involved they were able to see that neither of them was being deliberately awkward or obstructive, this was simply the challenge presented to them by the way their charts meshed together. Indeed, it was a credit to both of them that, except for this one area of dispute, they had a really solid, loving relationship.

Seeing things in this way immediately helped them to stop taking the issue so personally.

 I also had a knowing that some other healing modality would help harmonise their energies and, by muscle checking, I identified that the toning of a particular harmonic interval would create the desired result. The three of us did this together and I also made a vibrational remedy of this interval for them to take over the following week to help integrate the session.

Later they reported that they were much better able to listen to each other, and even when they couldn’t they were able to agree that they were simply unable to understand each other and leave it at that!

Case study 4

A man we’ll call Rupert came to see Brian because he had injured a thigh muscle whilst out running. He had rested it for two weeks but he was still unable to run for any length of time without his leg seizing up again. Brian gave him hands on energy healing, working directly on the muscles involved and also working to rebalance his whole energy field.

A week later he reported that he had started running again the very next day and he was now completely free of the problem.

Case study 5

A lady we’ll call Heidi came to see me (Deborah) because another client had told her I would ‘sort her out’! She didn’t really know why she had come; she just knew she ‘needed something’.

It transpired that she had some very challenging circumstances going on in her family. Her father was in the process of dying and since their relationship had always been difficult this was bringing up many unresolved issues for her.

For the first three sessions I simply listened while she poured out her feelings. There was a great deal of anger and grief she had never been allowed, or given the opportunity to express. I tried to introduce her to Emotional Freedom Technique to help her resolve some of these feelings, but she did not like it. It did not feel like ‘the right thing to do’ she said.

I honoured her feeling but a couple of sessions later, when it seemed like we were starting to go round in circles, I broached the subject of EFT again. Still she did not want to do it, saying that to be honest, she was feeling a lot better but simply coming up with stuff to say because, ‘I just want you to carry on doing what you are doing’. Intrigued, I asked her what she meant by that. She said, ‘Well I know you’re doing something because it makes me feel all squirmy inside and I know that’s what I need’.

I asked her what she thought the squirmy feeling meant. She replied that it meant that I was ‘rearranging’ her and that was fine because that was what she needed. Finally I understood! She was aware of the ‘presence’ offering her the opportunity to realign with her true nature. I said, “Well we don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

Visible relief flooded through her. “Oh that would be so lovely,” she said, “because if I’m really honest, all I want to do is close my eyes and let it happen.
I said, “Well you carry on.”

And so we entered into silence and a profound healing communion in which we both simply allowed the ‘presence’ to work. This is how we continued over the next several sessions until finally she felt ‘complete’.

Now she only pops in if she feels she needs a ‘top up’ and I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to oblige!

Case study 6

A woman we’ll call Harriet had been a client of ours for some years having consulted us mainly for emotional and relationship problems.

On this occasion an ongoing problem with her lower back had reached the point where she had been told she needed surgery and a date had been set in two months time. However she was quite determined to avoid surgery if she could and had a very strong conviction that Brian could fix the problem with hands on energy healing.

He saw her twice a week and gave her a healing visualisation technique to do every day as well. Within six weeks she was virtually pain free and completely mobile again.

She cancelled the surgery and hasn’t had any problems since.

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